A Must-have guide
This book offers much more than guidance for women thinking about going it alone and those who have already made the decision. It provides a look into the lives of women who are raising the next generation of children who can honestly claim, 'My mom really wanted me!' A must-have guide for single women embarking on motherhood.
Andrea Engber, co-author, "The Complete Single Mother,"
Director, National Organization of Single Mothers, www.singlemothers.org

Mikki is the author of what I think is the most comprehensive book written about Choice Moms. Her research is astounding. I've found it to be an exceptional book. She is probably the most knowledgeable of us out here at this point.
Izzy, moderator of SingleMomsByChoice yahoo group

Gift of grace
Finding your site and your book have been a real gift of grace in my life.

Travel guide
I just wanted to thank you for creating an invaluable resource of wisdom, insight and practical advice. I feel so much more prepared to embark on my single parenting journey after traveling through your book.

I didn't get Mikki's book until just last week and it's incredible. It would have been nice to have before I made my decision but reading it now helps to validate many of my feelings. It's an amazing resource and very empowering. She discusses the single parent home, how to raise a healthy well-balanced child, the daddy issue, support resources, etc. I have gone crazy with my highlighter and even copied a few lines and put them on my fridge.

Canadian thinker
Your book arrived last week and I'm loving it!!! It's the ***most comprehensive*** resource book I've yet to pick up, and I'm so glad I've found it. I won't hesitate to recommend it to others.
Nicole, considering Choice Motherhood

U.K. woman now on her way
I have been considering becoming a single mum for 5yrs. The only thing stopping me was the head full of questions. Well thanks to your book I am now on my way. I had been desperately looking for a book that had some of the same perspectives on life as I did and then I found your book. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Known donor
I started looking at the known donor chapter and it was almost painful to me, because it would have really been helpful if I had read it before the pregnancy.

Support network
I am finding your book just incredible. One of the members of my support group has asked if we can just order the book in bulk.
Jan, Choice Mothers group leader

Donor spokesperson
I wish this book had been published 14 years ago, when Ryan was little! You have done an amazing job. It is clear, concise and clearly written with heart.
Wendy Kramer, co-founder, DonorSiblingRegistry.com

Male development expert
Thank you for doing this book. It is not easy to be honest about the issues children of single moms face, while still supporting the real needs of single mothers and children.
Michael Gurian, author, "The Good Son," "The Wonder of Boys," others

Single woman therapist
The decision about whether to choose single motherhood can be both agonizing and exhilarating. This book is one that I will recommend.
Joann Paley Galst, psychologist

Thinking Woman
This positive and personal book is the most well-researched, lively and readable guidebook available for single women like me who are thinking about embarking on the path to motherhood.
Renai, in the process of becoming a Choice Mom

Choice Mom
I started to read your book on the train to work this a.m., jumping right to the chapters I need at this moment: Answering the Daddy Question, and Bonus: Having Two. This book, in just the 30 minutes I have read it, has been like a big hug for me, reaffirming my choices and providing me with insightful guidance. And you write like a dream!
Heather, mother of one, going on two

Known Donor
Your chapter "Known Donor: Pros and Cons" really showed me how my struggles with self-confidence are extremely important here.
Mara, a Thinker

Reproduction lawyer
Extremely thorough and informative. The book is a wonderful resource.
Andrew Vorzimer, third-party reproduction attorney

Choosing Single Motherhood - www.choosingsinglemotherhood.com

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