Written by Darla:
Speaking as someone who has already accomplished choice motherhood, the best part of this book is the expert advice addressing what the tough issues are and ways to solve them.

Raising a boy as a single mother isn't easy. There are obvious and (as I learned from the book) not so obvious reasons why children need both same- and opposite-sex role models. I really had never considered that rough-housing could be a teaching mechanism rather than just a testosterone-laden way of bonding! Mikki has included research from many different child experts and provides a concise synopsis of ways to lessen the effects of the tough realities that we can't avoid.

This book is a must-read and has a place of honor on my reference shelf.

From an Australian reader:
A fantastic read for anyone who is considering choice motherhood or has chosen choice motherhood and is interested in hearing about others experience. As someone who has already chosen the Single Motherhood route using DI I have found this a great resource.

The experience of mothers and children was of most interest to me and I think the book has been the best on the subject that I have read over the last five years. It includes information on mourning the dream, deciding to make the choice, conception choices (open identity, anonymous, known donor, adoption etc), budgetting, support systems, community reaction to name a few. The research for the book has been extensive and includes interviews with women who made this choice many years ago and now have teenage or young adult childen, along with interviews with the children brought up by Choice Mothers.

In short a very valuable book whether you are yet to make the choice or if you are already down the track and looking for a resource to add to your knowledge.

Choosing Single Motherhood - www.choosingsinglemotherhood.com

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