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Every year thousands of unmarried women debate whether to have a child. "Choosing Single Motherhood: The Thinking Woman's Guide" provides the tools to make and responsibly execute that decision. Using meticulous research, expert commentary and the personal stories of many real-life Choice Moms, the book offers illuminating and thought-provoking examples of both the joys and struggles of Choice Motherhood.

The book is broken down into six stages of Choice Motherhood:

Stages 1-2, Typical Concerns: Am I single mother material? Can I afford it? Grieving the childhood dream. Will my community accept me? Revisiting the Murphy Brown debate.

Stage 3, Is it Fair to the Child?: The impact of a single-parent home. Growing up without a father.

Stage 4, Method to Motherhood: Pros and cons of using a known donor, assisted donor insemination, choosing adoption.

Stage 5, Day-to-Day Parenting: Dealing with the stress. Answering the Daddy question. Confronting identity issues. How to raise a well-balanced child.

Stage 6, The Legacy of Choice: Of politics and policy. How are the kids turning out?

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